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The Kite Project 2024 is a private and international kite project kicking off in May 2024 to July 2024, taking place on Djerba | Tunesia | northern Africa. We are a private group of kitesurfers and kite instructors, hosting a kitesurfers dream on Djerba. After having had an awesome season in summer 2019, we will be taking The Kite Project even further in 2024. We have a new residence with even nicer and bigger appartments – located much closer to all our favorite kitespots.


We are living in a traditional tunesian houch, at a maximum group size of 12 – 14 people. There are three guest appartments, all leading towards an inner courtyard with swimmingpool, BBQ area and chillout corner. Each appartment has two double bedrooms (one with two single beds and one with a double bed), a bathroom, a fully equiped kitchen and a sunny veranda. Furthermore, all appartment have a livingroom with satellite TV, air condition and free WIFI. The houche ist surrounded by a nice garden and a high wall, which gives us some privacy. The images below show our 2019 houche. The 2023 houche is even nicer than this one. We will update the images as soon as possible.


We are a private group of kitesurfers. We are not a hotel or kiteschool and we are not offering touristical services or kite teaching to the public. If you decide to join The Kite Project you need to be aware of the fact that you will be part of a private group of people and friends. Within our group everybody has to be responsible so that our time on Djerba can work out as smooth as possible. Together and as a team we will prepare and enjoy breakfast, snacks on the spots and tunesian dinner or sunset barbecue with fresh fish, steaks, seafood and softdrinks in the evening. We will need to load and unload our van with the right eqipment for the day and we will need to dry and clean the eqipment whenever needed. Depending on group dynamics with regards to party and other activities, consumption of food & drinks, water & electricity and of course the rent we need to pay for the houche, we have to ask our guests for a cost contribution of currently € 70 per person and day (€ 490 per person and week).

This is what you will get:

  • You will have a shared appartment in the houche (single or double bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, roof top veranda, living room with satellite TV, Wifi)
  • Breakfast and dinner | BBQ (will be prepared by the group) | softdrinks
  • Transfer to the kitespots whenever there is wind (according to the daily group decision)

Upon your arrival we will either pick you up at the airport or, in case we are gone kiteurfing, you take one of the very cheap cabs to the houche. We will get you going to all the nice kitespots within Djerba during the time of your stay. The best spot is decided on a daily basis, depending on wind conditions and the mood of the group. On the kitespot you can either go kitesurfing on your own, or you can follow our lead into the secret lagoons of Djerba. We are very happy to help you improve on your kitesurfing skills by giving you the best advice we can and we will for sure always have an eye on the group with regards to support and safety, but we are not offering kitesurfing lessons or teaching. If you are an unexperienced or non-independent kiter or total beginner and need some extra attention or training we are very happy to arrange lessons for you at our local Tunesian partner kiteschool at very affordable and reasonable prices. After a succesfull day at the kitespot we return to the kitevilla, where we will unload the van and dry or clean the kites and boards. After that there is time to take a shower, chill in the sun on the rooftop veranda or take a quick nap. Later on, together and as a team, we will prepare dinner or start a BBQ session. Depending on the mood of the group we can either start partying at the kitevilla or head for one of the great clubs on Djerba.


The peninsula Djerba, located in the south east of Tunesia, is most likely one of the greatest and at the same time one of the most underestimated kite destinations within the Mediterranean Sea. Djerba offers some great Kitesurfing spots, a solid infrastructure, a very good security level and a lot of friendly and cool people. The kitespots on Djerba are definately among the best you could wish for. Endless sandy beaches, shallow lagoons, constant and stable thermal winds and mostly sunny and warm weather make Djerba a paradise for kitesurfers of all levels. Nearly all kitespots on Djerba are shallow lagoon spots. The winds are thermally driven, blowing constantly between 13 and 25 knots. All spots are free of hazards like mussels, stones or other disturbing objects.


Just send us an E-Mail or WhatsApp with your desired dates and we will get in touch with you.
+ 49 (0) 163 – 638 76 08


Traveling and kitesurfing has been my passion for more than three years now. Exploring Djerba with my Kite made me think: This place is awesome! Check out the endless lagoons of Djerba and the best way of Kitesurfing.

CHRIS - IKO INSTRUCTOR, Kitesurfing since 2013

Kitesurfing on Djerba is just awesome. Flat water lagoons, hardly any people and very stable winds make it one of my favorite spots. I have been visiting Djerba many times so far and it always feels like coming home.

MARKUS - VDWS INSTRUCTOR, Kitesurfing since 2001


Djerba is a peninsula, located in the south east of Tunesia, a country in northern Africa. Djerba offers a solid touristical infrastructure, a very good security level and a lot of friendly and cool people. It takes a two or three hour flight from central Europe to reach. Flights cost between 180 and 300 Euro for both ways.