The peninsula Djerba, located in the south east of Tunesia, is most likely one of the greatest and at the same time one of the most underestimated kite destinations within the Mediterranean Sea. Djerba offers some great Kitesurfing spots, a solid infrastructure, a very good security level and a lot of friendly and cool people. The kitespots on Djerba are definately among the best you could wish for. Endless sandy beaches, shallow lagoons, constant and stable thermal winds and mostly sunny and warm weather make Djerba a paradise for kitesurfers of all levels.

Nearly all kitespots on Djerba are shallow lagoon spots. Djerba has multiple lagoons which offer endless space for hundreds of kitesurfers. Great thing: You will never see more than 30 kiters on one spot. The four lagoons [The Blue Lagoon | Souk el Gebli | Flamingo Island | Zarzis]  are completely shallow, without waves or tides. All lagoons have large beginner areas which are ideal for all kind of riders to improve their skills. All spots are free of hazards like mussels, stones or other disturbing objects.

The winds are thermally driven, mostly between 13 and 25 knots from a side onshore direction. The best wind season reaches from the middle of May until the end of june. The temperatures during spring are very moderate, between 20 and 28 degrees celcius. From May on temperatures keep rising so that no wetsuits are neccessary. With the beginning of June the warm | hot temperature period starts, making the thermometers rise above 30 degrees celcius during mid day.

To reach Djerba it only takes a two | three hour flight from central Europe. If your flight is leaving in the early morning you will be kiting at the afternoon of the same day. The Tunisian airlines Nouveair and Tunisair offer very fair and cheap conditions for the transportation of your Kite Luggage. Flights from Germany cost approximately between 180 Euro and 300 Euro, depending on the airline and flight times.


The kitespot „The blue lagoon“ lives up to its name. The water is azure blue and warm as a hot tub. Caribbean style. The spot is located about three kilometers south of the large hotel complexes on Djerba, right next to a small fishing port. There is also a small café, where you can use the wifi and get some cold drinks. The entrance to the spot is in the southern part of the lagoon near the small fishing port. Here you will find mirror-smooth water with eastern winds. Get ready for a race with the cars on the street, which is running parallel to some parts of the lagoon.

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The kitespot „Flamingo Island“ is located upon the city Houmt Souk on the white beaches of the “Îles des flamants roses”. From here you can kite either in shallow water inside the lagoon or in the sea, which ist diretly on the other side of the peninsula. Endless sandy beaches invite you to perform long distance downwind sessions. During Spring and early summer, there is a good possibility, that you will be kiting through swarms of birds and Flamingos, who are waiting for the beginning of spring in Europe. Most of the time, the wind is side-onshore from a northeast direction. With really strong winds, some shorebreak and wind waves build up as well.

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The largest and probably best spot on Djerba is the lagoon Souk el Ghebli in the south, where also the kite schools are located. The lagoon is really large, it measures approximately 40 km² and it’s a perfect training area for any wind direction. The ruins of the Spanish fortress „Bordj Kastil“ and the white sandy beaches give you the impression, that you are actually kiting in the Caribbean. Just outside the lagoon you can find some nice swell. If the wind rises to more than 5 Bft, more that 2m swell is possible.

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Probably the most notable spot on Djerba is actually not on the island itself, but on the mainland just outside the city of Zarzis. It connects directly to the lagoon “Souk el Ghebli” and can be reached from there via a downwind session. Sandy beaches, small sandbanks, meadows of seagrass and massive bird colonies make the spot with its azure blue and knee-deep water a dream for all kitesurfers. There is probably no better spot in the entire Mediterranean than the lagoon at Zarzis.

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Kitesurfing on Djerba is just awesome. Flat water lagoons, hardly any people and very stable winds make it one of my favorite spots. I have been visiting Djerba five times so far and never got dissapointed by the conditions.

MARKUS, Kitesurfing since 2001

Traveling and kitesurfing has been my passion for more than three years now. Exploring Djerba with my Kite made me think: This place is awesome! Check out the endless lagoons of Djerba and the best way of Kitesurfing.

CHRIS, Kitesurfing since 2013

In just three months on Djerba I had the opportunity to collect some unforgettable memories. Djerba and its spots are very unspoiled and an authentic paradise with lagoons where you can surf on perfectly flat water.

MIGUEL, Kitesurfing since 2017