The spot is located in front of the island capital Houmt Souk on the white beaches of the „Îles des flamants roses“. From the point you can go kiting in shallow water or in the sea. Endless sandy beaches invite us to kite long distance downwinder. At the beginning of the year, it may well be, that you’re kiting through swarms of birds and Flamingos when they are waiting for spring in Europe. Predominantly side-onshore wind from northeast directions ensures safety. With really strong winds, some shorebreak and wind wave builds up as well.


The largest and probably best spot of the island is the 40 km² large lagoon Souk el Ghebli in the south, where also the kite schools have their seat. The lagoon is a perfect training area in every wind direction. The ruin of the Spanish fortress Bordj Kastil is a dream spot and gives the impression we would kite the Caribbean. If something swell finds its way here or in wind from 5 Bft upwards up to 2m swell are possible. The wind blows mostly stronger than at the other spots and is beautifully constant.


This Kite Spot lives up to its name. The water is azure and warm, just like in the Caribbean. The smallest spot is located about three kilometers south of the large hotel complexes on Djerba at a small fishing port, where there is also a small café, wifi and drinks. The entrance is in the southern part of the lagoon near the small fishing port. Here you can almost find mirror-smooth water with east wind and you can race parallel with the cars on the street. By car you can drive directly to the spot.


Probably the most notable spot on Djerba is actually not on the island itself, but on the mainland just outside the city of Zarzis. It connects directly to the lagoon „Souk el Ghebli“ and can be reached from there with the kite per downwinder. White sand beaches, small sandbanks, lake meadows and bird colonies leave each other and make the spot with its azure, knee-deep water to a dream of all kitesurfers. There is probably no better spot in the entire Mediterranean than the lagoon before Zarzis.